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Are you embarking on a living room painting project? When choosing a living room wall color, you should consider the amount of time you spend in that room on average. The living room is one of the most used rooms in the home, so you and your guests will most likely interact with the color of your choice often. It should be a color that you are comfortable being surrounded by, while also being a platform for your personal style. 

What kind of atmosphere are you envisioning for your space? The next time you ask yourself, “What color should I paint my living room?”, consider our Top 10 Best Colors to Paint Your Living Room.

Interior painted living room residential


Soft and matchable off-whites are the most popular living room paint color among Precision Painting Plus customers. Warm off-whites create a base to match other warm colors (yellows, oranges, reds and browns) just as cool off-whites create a base to match other cool colors (greens, blues and purples). Because off-whites are easy to design around, they’re an extremely popular living room wall color.

A warm off-white especially popular among Precision Painting Plus customers is Benjamin Moore OC-45 “Swiss Coffee.” This white has a lovely yellow warmth without being too saturated, so it matches exceptionally well with other yellows, greens, browns and black.

If you’re looking for a popular cool off-white, try another Precision Painting Plus favorite living room wall color: Benjamin Moore OC-149 “Decorator’s White.” This off-white has a dash of gray for a sleek and stylish look. It pairs well with grays, greens and blues.

Interior painted living room residential


If you like the subtlety of an off-white but want a tad more definition, beige could be the perfect living room paint color for you. Beige is very popular for interior painting simply because it’s versatile and easy to match with. Since beige is a neutral color, it can be combined with any other color across the spectrum, giving you lots of options when selecting wall décor and furniture. Try pairing Benjamin Moore 966 “Natural Linen” with black, white and brown for a soft, distinguished atmosphere.

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Classic White

If it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it: A timeless choice is classic white. Though there are many variations of white out there, Precision Painting Plus customers gravitate towards Benjamin Moore OC-65 “Chantilly Lace” and Benjamin Moore OC-151 “White” the most. Both of these whites have undertones of gray to give them a crisper look and feel. White creates limitless possibilities for matching, which makes it very approachable for designers. If you want your living room to appear larger, white walls are a great way to add light and openness.


Does your living room get ample lighting? If so, you have more flexibility to choose a darker shade for your living room wall color without sacrificing brightness in general. A Precision Painting Plus customer favorite is Benjamin Moore 1612 “Pelican Gray” for its medium shading and cool undertones. When you want to create a more intriguing, sophisticated atmosphere, choosing a shade of gray for your living room paint color will help you achieve that.

INT stock residential living room green

Light Green

Green elicits feelings of nature, calmness and serenity. The human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other color, which can sometimes make picking a green color for your living room painting project tricky. Warm greens can introduce a bright energy, whereas cool greens establish a more relaxed energy. Whether it’s energized or soothing, light green is a great choice for a living room wall color.

Soft Blue

The color blue has beneficial qualities outside of simple aesthetics. Studies have shown that people surrounded by blue environments tend to have a slower heart rate and report calmness. Blue makes us feel soothed and serene, which makes blue a conscientious color choice for a living room wall color. Especially in lighter tones, blue walls create an environment of cool stillness.

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Shades of brown create a sense of security and comfort, which makes them a great color selection for gathering spaces. If your living room is well-lit, opt for a darker shade to create contrast and add definition to your space. A medium or light shade of brown evokes earthiness, and pairs well with greens and blues to further enhance this sense of natural comfort. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, try using a shade of brown for your living room paint color. 

Subdued Orange

When we suggest orange, we’re not talking Hunter Orange. Though orange is typically associated with aggression or boldness, it can exude a more sophisticated air when taken down a few shades. If you want an orange living room paint color, but don’t want it to be aggressive, try a crushed, unsaturated orange such as Benjamin Moore 062 “Vegetable Patch.” A subdued orange wall color still provides plenty of pop without being abrasive, so your living room can have character and life.

Pale Yellow

Your living room paint color doesn’t have to be subtle! A soft yellow can bring a bright and bouncy energy to your living room. Similarly to white, a pale yellow will bring light into an otherwise gloomy space, so if your living room doesn’t get a ton of natural light then this color could help perk it up. Light yellows pair well with warm neutrals, so it will match well with wood floors or wooden furniture.

Accent Wall

If you can’t decide on one color, you don’t have to! Accent walls are very popular in living rooms to give the room extra dimension and artistic flare. There are a couple approaches to painting accent walls depending on the level of contrast you wish to create. If you want a more subtle accent wall that creates more of a compliment than a statement, two different shades of the same color (such as a medium green room with a deep green accent wall) is the way to go. For more contrast, try pairing a neutral color with a bright accent wall (such as a beige room with a red accent wall). Pairing the right colors can be tricky, so consulting with a designer beforehand can ensure that you make the right choice. We offer a color consultation with each project estimate – and both are free!

Things to Consider When Living Room Painting

Wall Damage Over Time

Since the living room is one of the most trafficked rooms in the home, the walls can receive a considerable amount of damage. Marks from the couch rubbing against the wall, an occasional tap of a vacuum, pet play, and wear and tear on doors and doorway trim can all diminish the look of your living room. Sometimes more serious damage can occur that needs professional attention, such as repairing cracks or filling holes in the walls. Matching wall texture can be highly difficult, which is why hiring a professional team is the only way to ensure effortless quality.

It’s important to use premium quality, scuff-resistant paint when living room painting so your walls aren’t as prone to damage from the daily hustle of your home. Precision Painting Plus adheres to high quality standards for each project as a part of our customer satisfaction guarantee. Our team of professionals have experience painting a variety of living rooms, from aging Victorian living rooms to lofted Manhattan apartment spaces.

Preparing The Room

Along the same lines, since your living room is well-used, it can be a bother to prep. Consider all of the personal items you have around your living room, and then consider moving them all in order to paint. Hiring a professional painting service removes the hassle of preparation from your docket. Our team has all of the necessary furniture coverings and experience preparing a variety of flooring against paint drips or accidents.

There isn’t a universal answer to the question “What color should I paint my living room?” but we hope our Top 10 Best Living Room Colors helped you consider some options. If you’re planning for a living room painting project and need some inspiration, see what our interior painters have to offer by browsing our residential portfolio. 

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