Quality Residential Painting Services New York

Quality Residential Painting Services New York

Precision Painting Plus is a full service painting company & offers a wide array of home improvement services.

Interior Painting New York

Interior Painting

Painting the interior of your home is an affordable and effective way to transform its look and feel.  Bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or basements, you name it, we paint it!

Exterior Painting New York

Exterior Painting

Whether your home is big or small, give it some serious curb appeal with a fresh paint paint job.  Let the team at Precision simplify your exterior painting project and make your home the talk of the town.

Looking For Commercial Painting Services
wallpaper installation New York

Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper is an easy way to give your home a unique and elegant look.  Our professionals have years of experience installing wallpaper and take care in producing a smooth & seamless result.

Wallpaper removal New York

Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper can be an arduous and challenging task, but our experts have years of experience and expertise.  We can completely remove all the old wallpaper and get your walls looking beautiful.

Plastering New York


Specializing in all kinds of plaster repairs, our professionals do everything from small patchwork to complete resurfacing of walls.  Let Precision repair your walls and make them look like new.

Skim Coating New York

Skim Coating

Rough and bumpy walls can really age the look of your home.  We offer skim coating as a great way to give your home a modern & polished feel.  You wont believe the difference!

sheetrock installation new york

Sheetrock Installation

Sheetrock installation is an important step in the home renovation process.  Our crews install sheetrock quickly and effectively so you can move on to the next phase of your project.

sheetrock repair new york

Sheetrock Repair

Often times damaged sheetrock/drywall can be repaired by a skilled professional.  Our crews can repair dents, cracks and holes to create a seamless and smooth surface.

Molding Installation

Crown molding, chair railing and floorboard molding can give your home a detailed and elegant look.  Our professional carpenters install molding with a fine attention for detail.

Molding Repair

Details matter, cracked or damaged molding can be a real eyesore.  We offer affordable molding repair, with a variety of options, so your home can look just the way you want.

Carpentry New York


We provide a variety of carpentry and finishing services to help our customers with the small fixes and repairs that make a home look and feel complete.

Hardwood Floor Installation New York

Hardwood Floor Installation

Brand new hardwood flooring can make your home feel modern and luxurious.  Our flooring installers have the experience and training to give you the perfect finished product.

Hardwood Floor Repair New York

Hardwood Floor Repair

Sometimes hardwood floors just need some love and care.  We offer quality hardwood repairs that can help extend the life of your floors and make them look like new.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing New York

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Are your hardwood floors a little weathered?  We offer hardwood floor refinishing as a cost effective way to revitalize your floors and make them beautiful for years to come.

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