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A lot goes into deciding what colors to use on the outside of your home. As a homeowner, you want colors that resonate with who you are and your personal style. But, of course, making changes to the outside of your home is more of a commitment than hanging up a piece of art.

You want your home to compliment your neighborhood and have curb appeal. Your front door is an opportunity to add a pop of color, or to simply compliment your style with a subtle but effective accent.

Here are some of our favorite front door ideas:

residential house exterior painting door


A common temptation is to match the front door with the trim, shutters, or front porch. But sometimes, an opposite shade is the way to go.

  • For example, if your porch is a blond natural wood, a deep, oceanic tone on your front door will contrast with those yellow/beige tones.
  • If your window shutters are a cool tone like navy or forest green, a reddish orange door will playfully pop.
  • Teal is great on beige stucco homes. This cool, bright shade is summery and fun, and compliments the rich warmth of your home.
  • A dark trim, like chocolate brown, will frame a light, sage green door beautifully.
residential house exterior painting door



If you have slate or stone outside your home, look at rich grey shades that coordinate with your stonework.

Some of our favorite stone shades:

  • Stone 2112-40, Benjamin Moore
  • Sabre Gray 1482, Benjamin Moore
  • Stonington Grey HC-170, Benjamin Moore
residential house exterior painting door


Lime greens and summery yellows are sure to make your home sparkle. Perfect on white, grey, or blue houses, a citrus tone will energize the face of your home, adding intrigue that’s unpretentious.

Some of our favorite citrus shades:

  • Lemon Grove 363, Benjamin Moore
  • Lime Green 2026-10, Benjamin Moore
residential house exterior painting door


Instead of worrying about your trim or stonework, take a look at your garden to guide you. Your front door can really bolster the beauty of your garden by reflecting its palette.

Some of our favorite garden-inspired shades:

  • Soft Purple: Spring Lilac 1388, Benjamin Moore
  • Delicate Pink: Rose Garden 1353, Benjamin Moore
  • Golden: Sunflower Fields 174, Benjamin Moore
  • Green: Buckingham Gardens 545, Benjamin Moore
residential house exterior painting door


Take Your Color Samples Outside: One of the easiest mistakes to make when choosing a color for a front door is only looking at color samples inside. Even if your front door may be shaded, it’s still subject to natural light. Be sure to take your swatches outside to see them not only in daylight, but also under your outdoor lights at night.

Make Sure You Get the Right Finish and Type of Paint: Use an exterior paint in semigloss finish. Normally you have some choice when it comes to finish, but semigloss is highly recommended for front doors. Semigloss is not only visually appealing, it’s more durable, and will stand up to wear and tear so your front door stays looking its best for years to come.

Consider Your Hardware: Depending on which color you choose, you may want to consider getting new hardware. Black hardware may be your safest bet, but don’t be afraid to have some fun. Brushed silver fits right at home on most shades, and gold adds a fun pop to reds and blacks.